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Mary Hashem, Executive Vice President, EFG Brownfield Partners, LLC

Mary Hashem is a founding partner of Brownfield Partners, LLC., and has worked in the Brownfields redevelopment industry since 1995. Mary takes the lead in regulatory interaction, structuring remedial plans, and negotiating agreements for the companyís Brownfield redevelopment projects. She is an expert in risk management, and in the integration of demolition, abatement and site remediation with redevelopment of urban infill properties. Previously, Mary was a principal with The LandBank Group, Inc. where she served as Environmental and Risk Management Director. In this position, she was responsible for the management of environmental due diligence; regulatory negotiation; site cleanups and closure; and the structuring of environmental risk management programs for all property acquisitions. She also brings a prior history of 15 years of experience in the environmental consulting industry to her work on Brownfield sites. Ms. Hashem has worked on a wide range of projects in her career, from some of the most complex industrial Brownfield redevelopments involving hundreds of acres of land, to public-private partnerships for mixed-use urban infill sites. She typically plays an active role in community involvement and public participation, particularly in the demolition, cleanup and site preparation phases of the projects. Ms. Hashem has published numerous articles and regularly speaks at state and national conferences, where she addresses the state of the Brownfields market, risk management trends, and the developerís perspective in matters of environmental property restoration and redevelopment. Ms. Hashem holds a Bachelorís degree in Earth and Planetary Sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is a member of the National Brownfields Association (NBA) and serves on the Executive Committee of the Colorado Chapter of the NBA. She is a former 10-year resident of Wheat Ridge, Colorado, where she served on the Wheat Ridge Urban Renewal Authority as a member and later as chair of the Authority.